Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Simple things: a bath

We took this inflatable duck tub to Ethiopia to bathe Taye in (they only have sinks or showers there). We brought it home and kept using it so we could bathe him separately from everyone else in case he had any parasites/rashes/bugs, etc. Good thing we did because he tested positive for giardia. Until he has enough negative tests, we will continue to bathe him in the duck. (This involves thoroughly sanitizing his ducky tub, bath toys, and the bathtub every time we give him a bath)

Ducky tub

The most challenging part of bathing Taye is taking good care of his hair. First we lather with “Dark and Lovely” shampoo.

Next we have to comb or pick through his hair to try to get out tangles or snarls.

pick/comb out snarls
Apparently we need to lather once more (I think it feels good to rub his head after all the pulling from combing out his super gnarly curls)

lather a little more, apparently
Rinse. (He really IS smiling here—just another of Taye’s “funny faces”)

Oh, it's not THAT bad!
Next up: Product!

We “schmear” this kid with lotion from heat to toe. Literally.

covered in lotion
Pick through the hair yet again.

I do it myself!
Rub on some “Africa’s Best” hair oil.

Rub on some Africa's Best hair oil
Then we goof off a little bit. Mommy cannot WAIT until he can pull off the pick-in-hair look!

Pick in hair
Finally, we are “all done”!

lookin' good, but not done...yet...

…and I’m exhausted.

Thankfully we only have to do the bathing/hair washing part twice a week.